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Maintenance Policy
Can you change my light bulb?
Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs. The maintenance staff will only replace the bulb if the ceiling is too high. The tenant is responsible for providing energy efficient light bulbs (60 watts).
Do you install air conditioners?
You must contact a licensed air conditioner installation company. Drilling holes into the window sills is not allowed.
My drains are clogged, can you help?
If you submit a work order request our maintenance staff will unclog your drain. If your drains are slow, do not use Draino. The chemicals are too harsh for pre-war buildings and can cause major leak damage. 
My apartment door key gets stuck, can you fix it?
This is an easy fix, try some WD-40. If the door knob (apt., bedroom, bathroom door, etc) is loose grab your trusty tool kit, pick up the screw driver and tighten. Remember: righty-tighty; lefty-loosy. If your door keeps jamming, call us! We DO NOT repair deadbolts. The tenants are responsible for any issues with a deadbolt, as well as, providing us with a key in case of an emergency.
I’m locked out! Can you send someone over now?
First thing’s first – contact a roommate (if you have one) for a spare key. If you’re unable to get a key, contact us. 
You may stop by our office to borrow a key which must be returned same day in order to avoid a $50 penalty (9am-4:30pm). If it’s after business hours, you may contact our emergency line 646.237.8530. 
If you contact a locksmith, it is at your expense and you must provide our office with a new set of keys as it is required in case of an emergency.
Can someone stop by my apartment, I’m noticing pests lately?
Definitely! Apartments are treated twice a month to prevent and minimize any incidents of pests. This is a free service to all tenants.
Where can I throw away the trash?
Please follow your building guidelines for trash disposal. Under no circumstance can you leave garbage in the public hallways. Otherwise, you’re inviting unwanted “guests” to your apartment and the building.
Where can I store my bike?
Most buildings do not have a bike storage area. Bikes are to be stored inside the apartment only. DO NOT leave your bike in the public hallway. Storage information is provided upon lease signing.
Can I use the roof?
As per the lease agreement, roof access is limited to tenants authorized to use the space. Any unauthorized tenant(s) and/or guest(s) using the roof may face criminal charges.
Can you fix my refrigerator door? It doesn’t close.
First check if there is build up in the freezer. If there is, take all the contents out, place some rags at the bottom of the refrigerator and unplug it overnight. Once defrosted the door should close. If you notice that it still has problems closing or cooling, give us a call.
Other FAQs
I Have A Low Budget, Can You Still Help Me?
Yes. We suggest you consider one of our multi-bedroom shares. If you find a roommate you might be able to save even more with an apartment that is designated to share with total privacy.
What Utilities Are Included In The Rent?
That varies from building to building. We have certain properties in which neither electric nor gas is included and we have properties in which a flat-rate utility charge is required. Please ask our leasing specialists about utilities in the building you are interested in.
What Is A Short Term Lease?
A short term lease is a lease for less than one year and it is accompanied by a "vacate letter" that authorizes us to show the apartment. In this case, we do not remove your apartment from our list of available apartments. Instead, we move the date of availability forward to the day following the expiration of your initial lease term. Your apartment will be available to anyone who wishes to rent it on that day. Your ability to extend or renew the term will always be subject to availability and market conditions, so we encourage you to renew or extend as early as possible.
Furniture Rentals For Apartments
Any of our units may be furnished by renting furniture from a reliable furniture rental company. Typically furniture may be selected on line or in person at the showrooms of established furniture rental companies.
To learn more contact Robin Kindle (212)686-0444
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Where Are Our Buildings Located ?

Are There Apartments Available Other Than Those Currently Listed On The Site?
We try to keep our listings as complete and up-to-date as possible. If you know you'll be moving some months in the future and you don't see apartments for your preferred date of occupancy listed yet, contact us. We may be aware of apartments that will become available in the future but are not yet posted.  And keep checking the site as we get closer to your date !
What Information Must I Provide In Order To Rent An Apartment From Jakobson Properties?
You must fill out the application form completely and be prepared to show us a government issued photo ID (driver's license of ID) or passport. We will also need your social security number and your bank information. See the "Steps for Submitting Application" section on the third page of the application.
What If I'm Renting With One Or More Roommates?
Each person must fill out an application and provide us with a separate Guarantor. Once the applications are approved, all occupants must sign the lease for the apartment.
Can I Rent From Jakobson Properties If I Am Not A U.S. Citizen?
Yes. Many of our tenants are from foreign countries. We will still require a guarantor and may require prepaid rent depending on your particular circumstance.
Does Jakobson Properties Rent To Students?
Yes. Many of our tenants are students from colleges throughout NYC.
What If I Have No Prior Rental History?
That's okay. Just tell us where you've been living on your application.
I Have Not Established Any Credit History. Should I Still Apply?
Yes, but your Guarantor must have excellent credit and sufficient resources to cover your rent if you are unable to do so.
What Is A Guarantor?
A Guarantor is someone who agrees to be equally responsible for all of the terms of your lease. The Guarantor is asked to step in should you be unable to handle your affairs, fail to pay the rent or violate the terms of your lease. Each applicant must have a Guarantor.
Is Guarantor Required?
Yes, a Guarantor is required for all applicants.
What If I'm Only Renting Short Term, Do I Still Need A Guarantor?
Yes, a Gurantor is required for all applicants.
If I Have A Good Job, Why Do I Need A Guarantor?
In case you are unable, for any reason, to fulfill the terms of your lease, a Guarantor can step in and handle your affairs. For example, if you were to become sick or incapacitated, a Guarantor would be called upon to look after your apartment, carry out your responsibilities under the lease or wind down your affairs and return the apartment to us in a legal fashion.
Who Can Qualify As A Guarantor?
Most often a parent acts as guarantor.  Relatives, employers, or associates who have excellent financial statements, excellent credit and agree to pay the rent if you are unable, can also qualify.
Is It Possible To Change Apartments Within Jakobson Properties Once I Become A Tenant?
Sure. If you've established a good track record with us, we are happy to move you to one of our other apartments and keep you as a tenant.
Can I Have Pets?
This is handled on a pet by pet basis. Pets will be interviewed along with the applicant to determine if the animal can conduct itself properly. At any time we can ask you to remove your pet if its conduct is deemed objectionable.
We strongly urge to view the apartments in person before making a decision.